Monday, May 18, 2009

Shadows only… ( Poem ) Zainudheen Quraishi

Nobody there to come to this corridor
With the voice of my sweet hope
Nobody there to give the love of soft red roses
To my eagerly aspiring hands..
Aren’t those dead flowers of self-grief?
That growing in wet sands
This is fertilized and watered..
By the salt and sweat of tears.

Though I know that the journey is of no use
The chariot of the selfish man is in my front!

From the first day of our advent we are the dices
On the table of the unerring arithmetic
Who spin, who dictate, who judge, who win!!!
We came in to the world of arithmetic
Crying and folding empty hands!
Touching on the numbers of the calendar
We counted the birth of unseen future!
We gauged the depth of life
In the vicious circle of never ending debts!
Realizing that the ONE is above all
We lonely unfolded the empty hands!!

In an empty corner of this abundant world
In the lap of the darkness after the death of shadow
Reminiscence of the journey that passed
The day of expecting a back call

With the high sand dunes, and a hunchback
With the agony and ecstasy of the bend
Like that camel who made the sky as his roof…
In a corner of snow falling land
With the back that is humbled by worries and miserable
Like an old camel that has nothing to chew…!!

The roof that was opened for re-thatching
Who slept counting the stars of the sky?
The day I didn’t sleep waiting to see
The snake carrying the pearl
For the princess in the grandmother’s myth!!

When I was sleeping in the blanket
Under the sky where the crescent was fading
When the chants of grandmother that
Chases the birds of death!
Woke-up in to the pleasant dawn of great hopes
Without haunted by nightmares..
The color kiosk of unselfish days
Of no broken dreams and no fears!!

The time of taking without giving…
Nothing to receive nobody to give today!!!
The empty cups waiting for mercy..

“Thousand horses,
Twelve chariots,
How many warriors per chariot ????”

Horses of madness, the smell of pine oil
Laughs of the chains in the dark corners!!
Hopping the dear things
In the corridor fighting with the shadows..!!!

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